Friday, June 12, 2009

new entry....

it's a long time not to entry my blog..hurgghh actually i don't know what i need to write....emmm..what i'm thinking right now? So many problems i got can i start??? ok..starting from my i moved at the new job,new place, new environment and new friends...where I am? Midvalley Boulevard City..tired to go to work coz i need a driver to drive my car and bring me back to home like a princess hahaha..i already here since 2 months ago..wake up at the morning at 5.50 am and then go to work at 630 am cannot late yer coz i hate traffic park my car at parking H and then concentrate my work (i'm just pretending..looks like i'm so busy hahaha). Here, i can see that the working environment is very different if we want to campare with the private company..its seems like is not very efficient totally and need continous improvement. so maybe i need to suggest how to overcome the problems with my bos..huhu..pandai2 sy ni kan..just a new staff and then give a lot of comments to them..ade kene blacklist with other staffs hehehe..
so stop here..mlsnye nk tulis lg..i will continue later

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RaSHidAwAti DaUd said...

hye dear, it's good to see u've blogging too =) Do visit my page as well =)=)..Keep it up girl =)

p/s : dah tukar keje ker? u didn't told me. Give me ur new corporate mail =)..there is something I want to ask =)